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Indigo Skate Camp is located on a North facing bank of the Umgeni River, KwaZulu Natal's second largest river and home to the Duzi canoe marathon.

For self drive visitors see here:

  • Directions to Indigo Skate Camp
  • Map directions on how to get to Indigo Skate Camp
  • GPS coordinates

Ways to get to Indigo Skate Camp

Listed from easiest to most difficult / adventurous:

Call for our shuttle bus
Call Dallas on 083 453 6385 and make a booking

  • The cost of a shuttle service is R200 per person sharing in a group of 3 or more.
  • For a group of 2 cost is R300 per person
  • For 1 person only the cost is R400
  • Note this is the cost of a one way trip.

Combo of shuttle bus and Mountain Biking

Ride in the cool comfort of our bus and then get dropped at the edge of the Valley of 1 000 Hills to cycle either on the road or various off road routes (combination of single track and dirt roads). Depending on the route taken this may take anything from 20 to 60 minutes and will take you over approx. 10 km's of pure adrenaline. Cost of this combo is the regular shuttle rate above plus R 150 for bike hire.

Combo of shuttle bus, mountain biking and river tubing

Expect a full day for this spectacular way into the Valley. Involving a drop off on the highest point surrounding the Valley, a 15 km downhill cruise / bomb at your choice and then a 4 km tube ride downstream to camp. Cost of this combo is the regular shuttle rate above plus R 250 for bike and tube hire.

Ride a mini bus taxi

This is quite adventurous as it involves riding 3 taxis and may take up to 3 hours.

Expect to pay approx. R 30 per person plus an additional charge of R30 for luggage as bags are taking up space and considered as an extra passenger.

Instructions: Firstly we strongly suggest you enquire about meeting one of our tour guides either in Durban or in Pinetown to do this. This will involve a service fee of R100 payable directly to your guide.

Ride a bicycle

If time permits you to travel like this then you better be fit as it's approx. 55 km's uphill from Durban to our camp. There may be shortcuts but don't risk it! Expect this journey to take anything from 4 to 8 hours. Good Luck.

Ride a microlight

If you do this then you rock! Expect to pay approx. R 1 500 p.p.

Call David on 084 266 3359 for availability.

With granite outcrops, surrounding forests and the Umgeni River, this is a natural playground. Our activities are mostly low impact on the area and attempt to create needed employment for the local community.

What to do at Indigo Skate Camp:


There's a variety of terrain to skate and there is plenty of staff available to show you the basics to get you up and riding.

Click here to view skate terrain


This is highly recommended and free, we suggest you find a shady spot at the river or go walk about with a herd of Nguni cattle.


We have numerous hiking trails in the nature area surrounding the skate camp. Walk at your leisure or hire a guide at R100, choose between a nature hike or a cultural hike in the adjacent Zulu Village or choose a customised hike.

Click here to see hiking routes

Mountain biking

Various routes along the Umgeni river (easy) and into the wild bush (moderate to advanced). We can arrange for a shuttle for bus for Downhill enthusiasts or simply for those who prefer to ride down into the Valley as opposed to up.

Click here to view mountain biking trails

Rock climbing

This area with its granite cliffs is famous for rock climbing. We can arrange a meet with the local climbing club at Monteseel or put you in touch with local experts to explore this area. Price available upon request.

Click here for images of local climbs

Off Road Motorcycling and Quad biking

Many people utilise this area for this recreation, the legenadary Alfie Cox enduro rider lives up on the ridge surrounding us. We can arrange motorbike / quad bike hire if given a few days notice. Price available upon request.

Future activities

River Surfing

Click here to see a proposal to build a river wave on our river below our facility.

Day visits

There are a host of people visiting our camp on the daily, click on the category below to find out how we may cater for your specific groups needs:
Note: there is a basic entry fee at our facility of R20 p.p.


  • Skateboard rental at R20 per day
  • Protective knee and elbow pads for hire R30 per day
  • Helmet hire R20 per day


  • Mountain bike hire – R 200 per day ( including helmet )
  • Bike wash – R 50 with high pressure hose
  • Mountain biking buddy / tour guide R 100 per day


  • Parking fee of R10 for park and ride
  • Bike Wash – R50 with high pressure hose

We have noticed through the years how the excitement rises at our facility when foreigners arrive. Monitoring and evaluation has proven that our participants are more likely to attend our programs when volunteers are around. It's the social interaction that our children crave, the chance to say a few words in English and exchange smiles.

Our after school day care centre has many activities which volunteers can easily assist in coordinating to ensure our participants have a fun colourful afternoon.

Activities for volunteers:

  • fine art
  • music and dance
  • English empowerment sessions
  • theatre and role playing
  • gardening
  • maintaining hiking / biking trails
  • assistance with admin

On average we have approx. 5 volunteers staying with us at a time.

Only 2 Steps to take towards volunteering:

Step 1) Duration of voluntary service

Listed below are time options for your stay, starting from 1 day to 3 months.

Step 2) Application

Indigo Youth Movement requires potential volunteers to submit a brief motivational email which answers the following questions:

a) Your qualifications & past work / travel experiences.
b) What are your interests?
c) What sports do you participate in?
d) Do you play a musical instrument?
e) Why do you feel Indigo is a calling for you?

Please email these answers to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We offer bursaries to qualified volunteers who we believe will greatly improve our operations. If you wish to qualify for a bursary, please state this in your application email.

An introduction to being an Indigo Volunteer:

The following text provides a brief outline of where our organization is and how you may participate as a volunteer:

Indigo Youth Movement is our non-profit organization, which has been formed from the work of Indigo Skate Camp. After years of ground work we have refined our after school day care activities at camp, and stand now prepared to delegate responsibilities to capable volunteers. Our children are humble, respectful and hungry for your guidance. We are certain you will enjoy your interaction with the Zulu children aged between 5 and 17.

A typical day as a volunteer would be something like this:

  • 8am breakfast
  • 9am group meeting to discuss day's game plan
  • 10am general up keep around our facility, gardening to cleaning
  • 1pm lunch is served
  • 2pm general preparations for the after school activities
  • 3pm Children arrive at the camp to receive a hand full of fresh fruit and then begin the day's activities by gathering on the ramp for a stretching / yoga class.
  • 4pm Food and fresh fruit juice is served
  • 4:15pm Children are split into groups according to age / learning ability and convene in designated areas for instruction from Indigo staff / volunteers.
  • 5pm Free skating / fun and games
  • 5:30pm Children encouraged to return home before dark falls.

Rates for Indigo volunteers:

  • 1 day / night – R 200
  • Includes overnight accommodation breakfast & lunch.
  • 1 week – R 1 200
  • 1 month – R 3 500
  • 3 months – R 9 000

This was the founding concept of Indigo. Bringing youths into a rural Zulu community to learn more than skateboarding as this is just the glue that bonds people together. Our skate instructors have years of experience and ability to show aspiring young skateboarders the way forward.

Our next skate camp will be in December 2014 (Centenary skate camp).

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Camp options:

If a camper would like to join us for part of the above camps then we are willing to accommodate him / her. Please note these camps are restricted to children aged 9 to 18. Our campers are under constant adult supervision. The above camps will be hosted by Dallas Oberholzer, and a team of skateboarders who have experience working with youths. This year campers will learn nature skills with a qualified wilderness guide. We intend to incorporate more survival skills as well as further exposure to African culture.

6 day camps

Campers will experience all the beauty and culture of the Isithumba village as well as head out to Durban and Pietermaritzburg on skate excursions. We will take skaters / riders out to a variety of different terrain and parks to expose them to as much stoke as possible.

4 day camps

These camps will run their full length in the Valley of 1000 Hills at the Indigo Skate Camp. All activities will involve the local Amazulu skaters, from nature skills workshops, village cultural tours, hikes in the forest or along the Umgeni river to dance and Zulu story telling.

Customized skate camps

We are able to cater for groups of skaters which may want their own skate camp for their crew of friends. Send through your request and we will respond.

Includes: Accommodation in dormitory chalets three meals per day Skate Instruction from our coaches Nature skills workshops and cultural tours in Village Entertainment and skate park entry fees

Note: The prices listed do not include transport to Durban. Indigo Skate Camp provides transportation from / to your point of arrival / departure. We recommend arriving in Durban by coach or by plane. Our preferred pick up point is the Indigo Skate Shop at North Beach Skate Park. Transport provided during the camp will be in a safe / modern vehicle.

Safety and medical assistance

Please be sure to give your child all the necessary medical aid info. There is a 24 hour crisis centre with first aid amenities across the road from Skate Camp. The nearsest state hospital is 20kms from camp.


Indigo Skate Camp is a community based project. Income from our camps is shared within the local community for services provided. Over the past four years we have developed a mutually beneficial relationship with the Msomi household who had the foresight to allow us to build a skate park on their property. The hospitality of the Msomi family is most welcoming as they are most grateful to have us stay in their large household of eight rondavels. The Indigo Skate Camp has made many 1st world improvements to the household. Campers will sleep in comfortable beds in one of two dormitory rondavels. There is a video lounge / hut, as well as the Ancestors Rondavel which we utilize for lectures. We have built showers and two flushable toilets for the campers.

What to bring to skate camp

  • Original Indemnity forms ( originals )
  • Personal / family medical aid info
  • Sleeping bag / blanket
  • Skateboard
  • Helmet ( compulsory at skate parks )
  • Any other protective gear - knee pads etc.
  • Flashlight
  • Towels for beach and shower
  • Mosquito repellent lotions and coil burners (only in summer)
  • Clothes to get dirty
  • Warm clothes
  • Wet clothes ( raincoat )
  • Old shorts for butt slides
  • Musical instruments
  • Skate DVD's / CD's
  • Any old skateboards or shoes you could give to local skaters.

Skateboarding is fast becoming an attractive activity amongst youths throughout South Africa as it's an expression of freedom without limits and boundaries.

In an attempt to include rural and vulnerable youths, professional skateboarder Dallas Oberholzer set out to nurture sustainable skateboarding environments in the most unlikely places.

Indigo Skate Camp was the founding pilot project in a Zulu village in the Valley of 1 000 Hills. This rural facility grew from 2001 with contributions from more fortunate urban participants who attended youth camps at the facility. Today Indigo Skate Camp hosts a tourism ambassador programme employing 35 youths in the surrounding village.

As the participation in skateboarding grew, we developed training manuals incorporating life skills. Standout skateboarders from Indigo Skate Camp then become instructors who went on to take our programmes to neighbouring villages and then provinces. This is how Indigo Youth Movement includes and continues to guide more youths into the world of skateboarding.

Indigo is proof that skateboarding can change the world
- Tony Hawk
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